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Office of General Affairs - National Taipei University of Technology 
 About us

Office of General Affairs can be said to be the chief mamager of the whole university.

Practicing the business of documentation, general services, cashier, property management, construction, and security.


The Office of General Affairs comprises six (6) divisions, in addition to the dean's office. They are 

Dean's Office

Supervising the general affirs in the whole university.
General supports and coordination in the office.
Meeting minutes and report Preparation. 
Documentation and portofolio dispatch. 
Documentation Management.
Purchasing & Maintenance.
Janitors & Personnel Affair.
Purchasing & Maintenance.
Vehicle & Campus Space Management.
Supervising Janitors & Personnel Affairs.
Management of Miscellaneous Expenses.
Transportation Fees & Tuition Reduction.
Insurance & Financial Control.
Janitor Management..
Maintenance of Campus Buildings.
Drainage Control.
New Construction Projects.
Maintenance of Campus Buildings.
Electrical Facilities Maintenance.
Utilities Fee Control.
Planning of Technology Building.
New Construction Projects.
Fire Control.
Disability-Free Project.
Elevator Maintenance.
Real Estate Management.
Dormitory Loaning.
Management of Consumables.
Management of Movables.
Properties Inventory.
In Change of Campus' Stores Operation..
Archive Management.
University Seal Control.
Documentation Management.
Distribution of Incoming Documents.
Postal Affairs Management.
Miscellaneous Postal Affairs.
Credit-Hour Payment of Teaching.
Withdrawal of Taxes/Fees.
Safekeeping Properties.
Subsidies Income Tax Management and Salary.
Receipt Making.
Financial Reports on Incomes.
NTUT Funds for University Development.
NSC Funding Miscellaneous Fees Management.
Income Tax Info Processing.
Listing Miscellaneous Expenses.